The American Hydropower Highway will provide renewable, clean and secure energy to power electric charging stations across the nation’s entire interstate highway system.  It would be the biggest of its kind in the world for a nation seeking to lead the world into a renewable future.

This Highway, backed by a broad-based coalition of renewable energy and engineering companies, funded with private equity, and led by Renewable Energy Aggregators, will use untapped water and abandoned land to power a new fleet of all-electric trucks and cars.

The rest of the world’s been talking about it.  America is already doing it.



 AHH will deliver zero-carbon electricity to power the next generation of electric trucks.


 By purifying mine water and untapped groundwater, the AHH will provide environmental benefits to communities across America.


 The AHH will repurpose clean energy into clean power, ensuring it is safe to the public from start to finish.


 This localized energy source will be free from weather-induced strains on electric grids and immune to cyber attacks.


Clean, Renewable, and Secure Energy

Powering America into the Future

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Americans already support the Hydropower Highway.

Four key findings from an EMC poll of 791 Americans (August 1, 2021):

FOR more investments in renewable energy

FOR the American Hydropower Highway using solar and hydropower

FOR protecting America’s energy supply from extreme weather, cyberattack

FOR a major infrastructure project that requires no new taxes

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Powering America into the Future